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We Salute our Heroes




The Lenny Naidu Development Institute dips its flag in commemoration of our gallant and brave soldiers that were brutally killed in Golela 25 years ago.  For many it might seem a long time, for us it’s like yesterday. These comrades spared neither courage nor strength to ensure the liberation of our country and all its people, both black and white.  They were committed to the Freedom Charter and the firm resolve of the African National Congress to fight to the bitter end to achieve our movements strategic objective of creating a just, non-sexist, non-racial democracy free of exploitation and oppression.  They were our liberators, our freedom fighters, our Mkhonto we Sizwe.

The Lenny Naidu Development Institute is committed to the principles the Golela Nine stood for and will do everything necessary to keep their spirit alive, promote non-racism, non-sexism and fight against any form of the oppression and subjugation of women.

In commemorating the Golela Nine, we pay special tribute to the women comrades that were robbed of their lives by the bullets of de Kock and the Apartheid Regime.

We salute you Nontsikelelo June-Rose Cotoza, Lindiwe Charity Nyembezi Mthembu and Makhosi Nyoka.

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